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You are invited to explore a seasonal rotation of outstanding coffees from renowned producers. Each month we select two comparative coffees to showcase and you can receive weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries. The coffees here are exclusive to our subscribers and you should expect to occasionally receive special rare lots.


April’s coffees

    Marcelino Chinguel takes a Costa Rican varietal and masterfully highlights a new flavour from Peru.

    Don Marcelino Chinguel has been growing coffee for most of his life - well over forty years - and yet he is always willing to explore new practices to improve quality.

    This lot represents that philosophy of innovation; it’s the first lot Marcelino has harvested from the Costa Rica 95 varietal that he planted in 2018. The Costa Rica 95 varietal, developed by IHCAFE to increase the yield of the Caturra varietal, has been adopted in Peru where high altitudes and mineral-rich soil yield much higher quality than would typically have been seen in Costa Rica. It is believed that this Costa Rica 95 is a mutation of the original hybrid, as the tropical sweetness and distinct floral qualities of this lot is uniquely impressive.

    Don Marcelino lives on his farm, La Lucuma, with family of four who share the key responsibilities; Marcelino takes care of the administration and sales duties, his wife manages post harvesting protocols, oldest son Franclin is in charge of picking, and the youngest son Yocner is the QC manager. This lot was naturally processed; after picking it was hand sorted, floated and left to rest for 16 hours before laid out to dry on raised beds in the solar drier for around 20 to 30 days.

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